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Why Choose EUDA Members?

EUDA members are customer owned:
All members of the EUDA group are customer owned distributors. EUDA members are here to ensure your utility gets the supplies it needs at a fair price while still providing the best customer service possible. By supporting your local co-op distributor you are not only helping support your co-op utility but also the other co-op utilities in your region.

EUDA members have purchasing power:
EUDA members come together on common material to help lower costs to their co-op customers. By combining their purchasing requirements they can contact suppliers and place larger orders with them to lower the cost of the material. With this kind of purchasing power the EUDA members can lower the cost of material to utilities and supply them with their needs at a fair market value.

Disaster Relief:
EUDA members are well known for their disaster relief efforts for their local co-op utilities. Each EUDA member has access to the over $145 million worth of combined stock of the EUDA group. This helps EUDA members get their co-op utilities needs met in their most needed times.




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